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The Voodoo Chicken Auburn University Tailgating Site Auburn Tigers FootballThe Voodoo Chicken is a strange and powerful creature. He celebrates each Auburn Tiger home game by tailgating in style, pumping the Auburn fans up with his presence by hanging out in the tent. His mystic powers are far beyond the realm of understanding for a normal human. So why should you care about The Voodoo Chicken? Well, read the story below and see what every Auburn fan should know.

His story is a simple one, he was born a normal rubber chicken and through a series of circumstances landed in New Orleans in the hands of an exotic, and beautiful Voodoo Witch who endowed him with the power to jinx people’s feet. Now blessed with a magic not yet fully understood by The Voodoo Chicken, he set off to find himself. He had two roads to choose between… worldwide domination, or SEC football.

Having been surrounded by charms at the witch’s shop dedicated to the evil entity, LSU, The Voodoo Chicken quickly decided two things, 1. That he now hates anything that smells like a corndog, and 2. That his role was in the world of SEC College Football and was clear, jinx field goal kickers. And so began his quest for a team to support. After a search high and low for the appropriate spirit and enthusiasm, The Voodoo Chicken chose Auburn University. The school pride, and the love of the the Auburn Tigers from their fans was enough to make his decision easy… but it helped that the War Eagle was a distant cousin, and he had a natural hatred of elephants and anything hounds-tooth.

While noone is quite sure of the exact limits of The Voodoo Chicken, we do know this: When an opposing team sets up for a field goal, if you call upon The Voodoo Chicken and the universe is aligned correctly, the conditions are right for the chicken to do his magic.

The Voodoo Chicken is strong, and his innate goodness and love for Auburn Tiger football have created a silent following of fans who scream “Voodoo Chicken!” before each opponents field goal, hoping that the spirits are favorable to the Chicken and his request. It doesn’t always work, but more often than you think the conditions are right.

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