We love Auburn Football... and so does the chicken.

The Voodoo Chicken - Auburn Tiger Football Tailgating Site Welcome!

Welcome to the Home of The Voodoo Chicken, the Auburn University Football tailgating site dedicated to the magical powers of the Voodoo Chicken, making fun of a $4 million dollar coach making statues of himself, and great Auburn Tiger tailgating fun. Be sure to keep an eye out for The Voodoo Chicken in the fall at all of the Auburn University football home games, because the chicken is always out to make friends.  With Football Season in full swing the Voodoo Chicken keeps busy.  There are a lot of football games, and a lot of place kickers to jinx.  But that doesn't mean he doesn't have time for the fans.  If you see the Chicken, be sure to stop and say hello.   And definitely have your camera ready to get your picture taken with the chicken this fall... because if there's one thing that will make all of your friends jealous, it's a picture of you posing with a magical chicken. (Maybe, if you're lucky, the chicken will get you a picture with a cheerleader as well... who knows, voodoo is some crazy stuff.)

Here at TheVoodooChicken.com we encourage three things:

1. Belief. If you believe in the Chicken, he will work wonders.
2. War Eagle Pride. The Auburn Tigers are the greatest football team.... ever.
Drink Tiger Juice.  It's orange, it's probably flamable, and no tailgating party is complete without it. Auburn Football - Touchdown Celebration - Auburn Flag

What exactly is the Voodoo Chicken?  Simply click the chicken to read more about him and how he helps the Auburn Tigers during football games. Learn what all Auburn fans need to know about rubber chickens, jinxing field goal kickers, and Tiger Juice. But always, ALWAYS keep in mind, the next time you see a blocked field goal you will remember these words muttered by Kevin last season: "Voodoo Chicken is alive and well.... and he is powerful."

Want to see the chicken having some fun? Then CLICK HERE to see some pictures from last years Auburn Football Season at the tailgating site...

Do you wonder if the chicken works? YES! despite any and all adversity that Auburn University football may face, the Voodoo Chicken hangs tough and continues to work his magic.

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